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Bad Credit Home Loans

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Many families in Australia have varying requirements when it comes to home finance which are often complex. This becomes even more difficult to fulfill when there are bad credit issues attached to the borrowers. Despite this, borrowers with bad credit can still obtain bad credit home loans and this is not always that difficult and daunting to achieve.

Most banks and major institutional lenders follow traditional rules and criteria for lending for bad credit home loans and bad credit mortgages. They follow a specific set of approved criteria which includes a person’s current and historical good or bad credit history. This means that obtaining finance through traditional bank lenders is not easy when you have a poor or bad credit history. But even then you need not worry and feel disheartened as there are multiple options available for borrowers seeking a bad credit home loan.

One of the key factors in being eligible for a bad credit home loan is stability of income. What you must remember is that the lender is making concessions for the fact that you have bad credit or have had bad credit, and therefore other aspects of your loan application, such as your employment history need to be extremely strong to compensate.   If you have been working in the same industry for a lengthy period of time, even if you have changed positions, then it is imperative that you  mention your employment tenure and emphasise this and that you see no reason in the foreseeable future for the stability of your position to change. To support this provide the lender with any additional supporting information, such as letters from your employer, recommendations, past achievements anything you can think of to strengthen and support your advice to the lender that your income and employment is stable. These kinds of things will actually help lessen the impact associated with your bad credit history.

In addition, if you are renting, provide your new lender with evidence from your landlord of your consistency in rental payments.  This will assist in highlighting to the lender that you are of good character and have the capacity to make ongoing regular repayments – again offsetting the impact of your bad credit. If you are not fully aware as to the actual condition of your credit file it is imperative that you obtain a copy and analyse it thoroughly.  Once you have a clear understanding of what impairments are on your file you are able to approach your broker with a clear picture as to the bad credit you have incurred.  Armed with this information, your broker will be best placed to ascertain the most suitable bad credit home loans available to you.