Free Loan Assessment

  • How long will this all take?

    That’s essentially up to you. You can fill out the quote form in 5-10 minutes (or less), submit, and provided you have given us as much detail as requested we can have a comprehensive quote to you within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker). If you leave out any of the items on the quote form then we may need to call you for this information – however that shouldn’t take any more than 5-10 minutes also. Not long, considering we do the rest.

  • How does this all work?

    Whether you’ve submitted all of the information requested, or only some of it, our Mortgage Specialist will call you as soon as possible to ask and answer questions, confirm information, and acquaint themselves with you prior to moving forward. After that, the process rolls along quite quickly and easily.

  • Is my information secure?

    This site is secure. We don’t ask for any personal Tax File Information or for you to sign a privacy consent at this quote stage of the process. Requesting a free quote will not result in an enquiry on your credit file. To complete the quote request, please have ready:

    • Personal information
    • Property details for your current home and property of interest (if applicable)
    • Employment Information
    • Basic details of what you own (Assets) and what you owe (Liabilities)

The team at Sherlock are here to ensure you achieve your financial goals. Complete our simple Free Quote request form below and one of our Mortgage Specialists will be in touch to discuss your lending options and source a flexible and competitive loan product tailored to your individual needs. You can expect a response within 24 hours (generally within the first 2 hours!). Any information you provide is held in the strictest confidence and your credit file will not be accessed without your prior written consent.

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