Loans for Medical Professionals

Statistically, Doctors and other medical professionals such as Pharmacists, Cardiologists, Physiotherapists and Veterinarians have some of the lowest default rates on loans of any profession and are, as a general rule, high net worth, large loan size borrowers – making them highly sought after clients for many lenders. Ask about our loans for medical professionals today.

At Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions we specialise in sourcing loans for professionals, in particular loans for medical professionals. These professionals are eligible for interest rate discounts and/or LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) waivers depending on their individual requirements and the lenders particular policy.

If you are looking to borrow in excess of 80% LVR then we can match your needs with one our lenders who will waive LMI based on your profession. If you are looking to borrow less than 80% we can assist in sourcing a loan from many lenders who offer large interest rate discounts, over and above those that are advertised publicly.

Loans for Medical Professionals - Case Study 1

  • Self-employed Doctor with Full Financials
  • 2 investment properties in Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • LVR of below 80%

We recently helped the above client refinance two reasonably large investment property loans and in the process were able to negotiate a staggering 1.20% discount off the lenders Standard Variable rate. Until recently such discounts would have been unheard of – with the absolute maximum discount hovering traditionally around the 0.90% mark.

Loans for Medical Professionals - Case Study 2

  • Full time employed Pharmacist
  • Purchase of new investment property metropolitan Adelaide
  • LVR of 90%

We recently helped the above client borrow 90% with LMI waived entirely, and refinanced their existing property into a new facility with a 1.10% rate discount off the standard variable on the refinance. This enabled the client to source the 10% deposit required via equity release from the refinance.


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Similar benefits are also available to many other professionals, including but not limited to, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, politicians, engineers, professional athletes and celebrities.

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