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The Importance of Mortgage Protection Insurance


Purchasing a home is a major expense that requires a significant and long term financial commitment. When you initially apply for a mortgage, you are approved for loan funding based on your financial status at the time of application. Most people do not expect that their financial situations will get worse over time, but in some cases that is exactly what happens. Whether through the loss of employment or the death of a family member, it is an unfortunate fact that many people find themselves in situations that keep them from being able to keep up with their home loan payments.

Importance of Mortgage Protection Insurance

For many families, making mortgage payments would become difficult or even impossible in the event of the death of one or more members of the household. Before investing in a home, it is important to stop and think about how the house payments could be made if a major source of household income were to become permanently unavailable as the result of an unanticipated death.

While no one wants to think that their family will ever face a worst case scenario, it’s necessary to make contingency plans for every possible situation. Mortgages are such a large expense that it is important to consider how one’s family would be able to avoid the threat of foreclosure, in addition to losing a loved one, if such a situation were to arise. Fortunately, it is possible to protect your family from having to face the possibility of such a situation by investing in mortgage protection insurance.

Simply put, mortgage protection insurance is a life insurance policy that will pay off your mortgage following the death of one or more covered individuals. The primary purpose of this type of coverage is to reduce the financial burden placed on surviving family members following the death of a loved one. Homeowners who invest in this type of insurance coverage are making an important commitment to their families. This type of coverage can ensure that one’s family will never be forced out of its home as the result of income loss following the death of a family member.

Who Needs Mortgage Protection Insurance?

In single income households, or families in which one partner earns the majority of the money, many people think that the only covered life needs to be that of the primary breadwinner. However, it is likely that the death of a non-working spouse, or one who works part time, can also have a serious impact on a family’s ability to continue to afford to make mortgage loan payments.

Many people make the mistake of focusing only on income loss following death. They neglect to think about the expenses that will increase if either adult household member is no longer around. For example, if the non-working spouse is staying home with young children, the family does not have to pay for full-time child care. However, if that parent were no longer there, the working parent would have to pay for child care, which is a significant expense, in order to continue working.

Where to Get Mortgage Protection Insurance

There are a number of different options for making sure that your family remains financially able to stay in its home following the unexpected death of one or more members of the household. Many banks and other lenders offer mortgage protection insurance policies that can be purchased at the time you settle on your home loan.

These types of policies are specific to one’s mortgage, and proceeds are disbursed to pay off the remaining loan balance upon the occurrence of a covered event. It is also possible that the company who carries your homeowners’ coverage offers a mortgage protection policy. Payments for these types of polices can generally be included in the ongoing payments for homeowners insurance that are included in your monthly loan payment.

No matter which coverage option you select, the important thing is to make sure that your family is protected even under the worst possible circumstances. When you think about the alternative, the cost of mortgage protection insurance really seems to be quite small. When you purchase mortgage insurance protection, you are investing in peace of mind for yourself and for your family.

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