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Who needs a low doc loan?

Do what you love, and love what you do - Low Doc Loans for the Self-Employed There’s an old saying: you should do what you love and love what you do. However, if you decide to make a career out of what you love to do, you need to know that some parts of your [...]

Low Doc Loans – Secrets revealed!

Low Doc Loans have seen more reincarnations than Cher in concert! It is now an absolute requirement by law to provide some verifiable evidence for serviceability. Long gone are the days of the ‘No Doc Loan’ where a simple income declaration sufficed. This is largely fuelled by the NCCP responsible lending requirements which has resulted […]

Buying your first home: your step by step guide from the team at Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions

Buying your first home: your step by step guide Owning your own home is the Great Australian Dream – however, if it’s your first time dipping your toe into the market, it can be a mystifying and confusing experience, involving many different professionals and a seemingly arcane legal process. So, here’s our five-step guide from […]

6 tips to pay off your mortgage sooner – Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions Pty Ltd

6 tips to pay off your mortgage sooner – Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions Pty Ltd With some proactive strategies, you can slash your 30-year home loan term virtually in half. Anyone who has ever had a mortgage will tell you they would dearly love to pay it off before the length loan term is up. [...]

Bad Credit Home Loans

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Many families in Australia have varying requirements when it comes to home finance which are often complex. This becomes even more difficult to fulfill when there are bad credit issues attached to the borrowers. Despite this, borrowers with bad credit can still obtain bad credit home loans and this is not [...]

There’s a lot more to Mortgage Brokers than just Interest Rates

I often get calls that start out by asking the same question: “What are your interest rates?” It reminds me of the time when a distant relative purchased a home.  I quoted him an interest rate and when I called to follow up to see if he wanted to set up a loan application appointment, [...]

Self Employed? How to protect your income

When I first met Geoff, he had just set up his own printing business in his garage and was earning a moderate income. After borrowing to finance his equipment and start-up costs, it dawned on Geoff that if he were unable to work, he could find himself in serious financial difficulty. I pointed out a [...]

6 Hard Truths for Investors looking for property bargains

Investors wanting to buy properties for way below their value are in for a surprise. To bag true bargains, there are six undeniable realities that every bargain hunter has to face The numbers are everything If you want to find an undervalued property you need to know the market, says Cameron Kusher, Senior Analyst at [...]

21st Century Business Woman

21st Century Business Women When the first generation of women entered the workforce in earnest in the 1970s, they succeeded in the only way they could – by imitating men. Authoritarian leadership and tight control was the hallmark of that day’s businessman, and women were not exactly welcomed into the ranks of management. Well ladies, [...]

7 Essential Steps for Buying a Home

7 Essential Steps for Buying Your Next Home If you’ve been through the process of buying a home, you know how complicated the process can be. If you are buying your first home, well, it can be even more confusing. Here’s a short version of the 7 essential steps involved in buying a home. This [...]