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Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies

Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies: Do-it-yourself Market Research Pays One of the strategies commercial real estate investors like to employ is hiring consultants or market research companies to analyse a specific market a commercial real estate investor wants to pursue. To a beginning investor, the overall strategy seems logical and well-intended.  Who better to know [...] Read More

Benefits of an SMSF Home Loan

Have you always wanted to accumulate more assets and wealth? Maybe you just want your money to work well for your future and achieve maximum benefits from your investments. When considering your options in relation to a stable retirement, one investment strategy that can work extremely well for is a Self Managed Super Fund Home Loan also [...] Read More

The Low Down on Low Doc Home Loans & Low Doc Loans

Low Doc Loans 101 Low Doc Loans are facilities offered by lenders to specifically meet the requirements and accommodate the needs of self-employed borrowers. Generally Low Doc loans require alternative income verification which includes but is not limited to a self-certification of income by the borrower, an accountants letter, bank/trading statements and/or BAS statements. The requirements vary between lenders [...] Read More

10 Tips for getting a Commercial Loan

Beginners look at commercial loans as a means of realising a dream. They long to own their own restaurant, pub or bed-and-breakfast, and look to their friendly local bank manager for help. Cue frustration and disappointment. These days, commercial loans are decided by back-room underwriters, who use cold calculation to decide your credit worthiness. To […]

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Commercial Real Estate Misconceptions: You Mean Location, Location, Location Was a Lie?

Commercial real estate is a wonderful, exciting business that can offer a wealth of opportunity for those who look for it! Many people are often hesitant to enter the market of commercial real estate for many different reasons. In fact, there are some major misconceptions about commercial real estate which I am going to address here.Many […]

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Budget for Settlement Costs – Loan Origination Fees, LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) & Stamp Duty

Once you reach an agreement on the purchase of a home, things start moving quickly. In the chaos, it is important to remember to budget for settlement costs. Settlement costs are fees associated with miscellaneous events associated with a home purchase, things such as property inspections, stamp duty, conveyancing fees etc. Even if you are […]

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