Author: Melanie Burns

Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions is a non-conforming specialist mortgage provider with over ten years experience in the industry. Four times a finalist for Non-Conforming Broker of the year at the AMA awards and Victorian FBAA State President since 2010, Managing Director Melanie Burns is an expert when it comes to specialist and non-traditional lending. You can be assured that Melanie and the team at Sherlock can provide you with the mortgage and loan solutions you need!

Commercial Real Estate Misconceptions: You Mean Location, Location, Location Was a Lie?

Commercial real estate is a wonderful, exciting business that can offer a wealth of opportunity for those who look for it! Many people are often hesitant to enter the market of commercial real estate for many different reasons. In fact, there are some major misconceptions about commercial real estate which I am going to address here.Many […]

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Budget for Settlement Costs – Loan Origination Fees, LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) & Stamp Duty

Once you reach an agreement on the purchase of a home, things start moving quickly. In the chaos, it is important to remember to budget for settlement costs. Settlement costs are fees associated with miscellaneous events associated with a home purchase, things such as property inspections, stamp duty, conveyancing fees etc. Even if you are […]

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Three Character Attributes Every Successful Commercial Real Estate Investor Must Have

Known for his tremendous wealth, ability to put together the largest, most profitable commercial real estate deals, and famous reputation, and whether you love him or loathe him, there is no denying that Donald Trump is the commercial real estate investor icon of our times. Although we know he has extremely creative financial and investment […]

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Unleash your Equity!

Unless you’re thinking of selling your home, chances are, you don’t know what it’s worth any more. If you purchased your home a while ago, you’ve probably built up some equity – either by repaying some of your loan, an increase in the value of your property, or a combination of both. You may be […]

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