Author: Melanie Burns

Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions is a non-conforming specialist mortgage provider with over ten years experience in the industry. Four times a finalist for Non-Conforming Broker of the year at the AMA awards and Victorian FBAA State President since 2010, Managing Director Melanie Burns is an expert when it comes to specialist and non-traditional lending. You can be assured that Melanie and the team at Sherlock can provide you with the mortgage and loan solutions you need!

35 reasons why property is a smart investment

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35 reasons why property is a smart investment   Bricks and mortar have taken a knocking in recent months – but it’s still one of the most robust investment classes, especially in the long term. Here’s why.   It’s safe (as houses) There’s a reason why ‘safe as houses’ is a well-known phrase: it’s true. […]

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Buying your first home: your step by step guide from the team at Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions

Buying your first home: your step by step guide Owning your own home is the Great Australian Dream – however, if it’s your first time dipping your toe into the market, it can be a mystifying and confusing experience, involving many different professionals and a seemingly arcane legal process. So, here’s our five-step guide from […]

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Bad Credit Home Loans

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Many families in Australia have varying requirements when it comes to home finance which are often complex. This becomes even more difficult to fulfill when there are bad credit issues attached to the borrowers. Despite this, borrowers with bad credit can still obtain bad credit home loans and this is not [...] Read More

21st Century Business Woman

21st Century Business Women When the first generation of women entered the workforce in earnest in the 1970s, they succeeded in the only way they could – by imitating men. Authoritarian leadership and tight control was the hallmark of that day’s businessman, and women were not exactly welcomed into the ranks of management. Well ladies, [...] Read More

Who can secure a Bad Credit Loan?

[dt_call_to_action background="fancy" line="true"] CONTACT US TODAY TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY! [/dt_call_to_action] Who Can Secure A Bad Credit Loan? People with a black mark on the credit report, due to job loss, divorce, business failure, injury, or a multitude of other reasons  – can still secure finance and attain a bad credit home loan. Traditional Lenders, like the [...] Read More

100% Non-Resident Home Loans

Non-Resident Guarantor Home Loans - How to borrow 100% of the purchase price Non-Resident Guarantor Home Loans Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to obtain a non resident home loan that finances 100% of your purchase price even if you are an Australian non-resident. Loans of this kind are called Non-Resident Guarantor [...] Read More