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Forged in the fiery underbelly of Melbourne’s legal world (our Managing Director, Melanie Burns earned her stripes as a Senior Law Clerk and Conveyancer back in the day), Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions emerged primarily to help fill a void in the mortgage and finance landscape. A void where Rates are not all they’re cracked up to be, a void where the self-employed among us struggled to secure finance, a void where the credit impaired repeatedly felt punished for their past. Basically, a void where anyone who did not fit the traditional banks cookie cutter perception of a perfect borrower found themselves.

Cut to today and Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions is a non-conforming specialist mortgage provider with over twelve years experience in the industry specialising in low doc loans, bad credit loans, commercial loans, SMSF loans to name a few. Four times a finalist for Non-Conforming Broker of the year at the AMA awards and Victorian FBAA State President from 2010-2015, Managing Director Melanie Burns is an expert when it comes to specialist and non-traditional lending. You can be assured that the team at Sherlock can provide you with the mortgage and loan solutions you need!

Non-Conforming Loans are loans that fail to meet typical bank criteria for funding. In general, a home loan is qualified as a non-conforming loan because either the borrower’s financial status or the property type does not meet standard guidelines. The following are three common situations in which a non-conforming loan can be applied effectively:

  • You have current or aged credit history issues
  • You have irregular income or are self-employed
  • You require commercial lending

Our Core Expertise

Low Doc Loans
Commercial Loans
Credit Impaired/Bad Credit Loans
SMSF Loans

As Brokers we work for you. The bank doesn’t.

The right mortgage is a critical factor determining long-term savings, growth and wealth creation. The value of a professional mortgage broker comes from having someone who objectively works for you and is not limited to mortgage product offerings from one source; like a bank.

A bank will only offer you access to their products, while a mortgage broker can offer you more choices through multiple lenders. With this vast product selection, brokers help borrowers get the best mortgage or finance solutions tailored for their needs.

What is the best mortgage?

  1. The right structure
  2. The right loan benefits
  3. The right rate

When selecting the right lender your broker will consider:

  • Term
  • Rate – variable vs. fixed
  • Payment flexibility
  • Qualifying with no income verification
  • Restrictions, fees and penalties
  • Mortgage portability
  • Qualifying with Credit Impairments

Focusing on a rock-bottom rate can mean higher fees or penalties with more restrictive terms when you want to move, refinance or use your mortgage for a debt consolidation. A mortgage broker will give you a sound evaluation of product choices and together will help you decide what option suits your need.

We have access to more than 40 lending institutions, including non-conforming lenders, major banks, credit unions, national and regional lenders, vehicle and asset lenders and private lenders to ensure we are able to provide just the right mortgage or finance solution for your needs today and tomorrow.

Our corporate head office is in Melbourne, Victoria and we have regional offices in Kilmore, Victoria and operate Australia wide.

It is important to talk to us before purchasing a home, commercial property or any other asset for which you require finance. Let us help you get your approval squared away and based on your specific personalised requirements. Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions puts you in the right loan first so that you can build a secure future.

When should you consider a non-conforming loan?

As mentioned, non-conforming loans are for borrowers who may not be able to satisfy the standard parameters applicable for lending, but still require finance. Whether it be to refinance and access existing equity and/or secure a better interest rate, purchase for owner occupation or investment or to consolidate debts, Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions are specialist mortgage providers who will provide you with expert assistance in order to achieve your financial goals. The lending managers at Sherlock Holmes will walk you through all the conditions that apply and ensure that you are provided with the best loan product to benefit your current future goals. At Sherlock Holmes, we can help you with a Non-conforming loan if you have an irregular income or are self-employed. Even if your credit score is nothing to write home about, securing a non-conforming loan could still be your ticket to purchasing property or refinancing your existing property. Contact Sherlock Holmes to receive a free no obligation loan assessment.

Industry Qualified & Accredited

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All of our Specialist Lending Advisers at Sherlock are fully qualified having completed a minimum of Certificate IV in Mortgage & Finance Broking. We are an accredited member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and the Credit & Investments Ombudsman Ltd (CIO). For your own peace of mind we hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance. As a requirement of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, all mortgage brokers in Australia are required to become fully licensed or operate as authorised credit representatives of a full licensee. Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions Pty Ltd holds a full Australian Credit Licence No 464615.

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