Low Doc Loans

If you are self-employed but don’t have current financials, getting a loan approved can be difficult. With our low doc loans we can help you get the approval you need to achieve yours financial goals.

Self-Employed Loan Experts

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Bad Credit Loans

If you have bad credit, finding a loan is often a difficult task. At Sherlock Holmes we specialise in helping people with a bad credit history – so if you need a bad credit loan, contact us for a free no-obligation quote today.

Bad Credit Home Loan Experts

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Commercial Loans

The commercial property market can be daunting and seem out of reach. This shouldn’t be the case. Our commercial mortgages will assist with purchases, refinances, construction and capital raising.

Commercial & Business Loan Experts

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Non Resident Loans

At Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions we specialise in sourcing loans for new migrants, in particular loans for those on 457 Visas. We also assist Aussie Expats & Foreign Nationals looking to invest in Australia.

Non Resident Mortgage Experts

Looking to invest in Australia? Contact us today to discuss your Non Resident Loan options with one of our lending experts!

Why Use a Specialist Loan Provider?


Availability: Does someone answer the phone when you call? Or at least return your call within a reasonable time frame? Have you been assigned a specific lending manager who you can call directly and who will call you back and knowledgeably answer your questions? Information: When you have questions do you feel like you can talk to your mortgage broker and get an informed and knowledgeable answer? You’d be surprised in your search for a broker how many have bad or out of date information.  Make sure you’re talking to someone you trust and who knows what they are talking about.


Reliability: You should be able to completely trust your mortgage broker to follow through. If the person you are working with says they are going to do something or call you back, you need to know you can count on them to do it.The mortgage experts at Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions have helped thousands of borrowers.  We are knowledgeable and responsive.  Call or email us  to get up to date information about the mortgage process.  At Sherlock we offer all of the above and then some.  Contact us now with your enquiry and receive a free no-obligation loan quote and needs assessment.

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